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Part No. Description Suffix List price (without VAT 21%)
AR-BH1400 DICHTSET Dichtset t.b.v RM1400 motor ( 50 & 40 liter) €134.38 Order now
AR-BH1400 M/40 Motor RM1400 met 40 liter per motor €364.84 Order now
AR-BH1400M Parker hydromotor rm1400 MET 50 LITER PER MOTOR €380.90 Order now
AR-BH4001/4 Housing RM1200 €1,451.88 Order now
AR-BH600 Bearing housing RM1200 €437.58 Order now
AR-BH600A Lagerhuis kompleet RM1000/RM1500 €474.04 Order now
AR-BH601 Smeernippel €0.52 Order now
AR-BH602 Moer 3/4" UNF €0.64 Order now
AR-BH603 Schijf €0.17 Order now
AR-BH604 Key €0.43 Order now
AR-BH605 Shaft RM1200 €114.26 Order now
AR-BH605A Messenas t.b.v RM1000/RM1500 €149.11 Order now
AR-BH606 Bearing €20.98 Order now
AR-BH607 Shaft collar 125/150 €20.93 Order now
AR-BH607A Shaft collar 185 €19.45 Order now
AR-BH610 blade mounting boss RM1200 €80.22 Order now
AR-BH610A Blade mounting boss RM100/RM1500 €89.95 Order now
AR-BH611/4 Blade RM1000 / 1200 50MM €43.14 Order now
AR-BH611/5 Blade RM1500 €57.62 Order now
AR-BH611/7 Messen t.b.v. RM1400 €51.06 Order now
AR-BH612 Meshouder 50 mm mesbreedte €69.87 Order now
AR-BH612/B Spanbus middenaandrijving €13.01 Order now
AR-BH612/1A Single pulley €66.38 Order now
AR-BH612/1B Taper-lock klembus €13.01 Order now
AR-BH612/2 Poellie middenaandrijving neem AR-BH612/2A €49.34 Order now
AR-BH612/2A Double pulley €95.22 Order now
AR-BH612/4 Klembus taperlock AR-BH612/B €13.01 Order now
AR-BH612/4A Klembus taperlock 16mm €7.59 Order now
AR-BH612/4B Klembus taperlock 25 mm €7.59 Order now
AR-BH612/55 Meshouder 55 mm mesbreedte €51.62 Order now
AR-BH613 Carr. Schijf M16 €0.37 Order now
AR-BH614 Bolt €0.75 Order now
AR-BH615A Sterkoppeling RM1400* €10.97 Order now
AR-BH615B Koppelingshelf RM1400* €20.62 Order now
AR-BH615/1A Elastisch element RM1000 €13.45 Order now
AR-BH615/1B Taper-lock koppelingnaaf RM1000 €24.42 Order now
AR-RM1400AS Askoppeling op motor 15.8 mm met spiebaan 5 mm €95.57 Order now
AR-RM1400LAGERHUIS Lagerhuis RM1400 €413.03 Order now
AR-RM1400LAGERHUISSC Lagerhuisschijf RM1400 €95.57 Order now
AR-RM1400LOOPROL Looprol €21.65 Order now